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Działanie 17

Promocja uczelni

Under Action 17, a number of tasks were carried out to improve the international visibility of the AGH University (scientific promotion of the University). Projects were also implemented to more effectively reach out to AGH alumni who may financially support the University's activities in the future. These include:

  • Launching the "AGH SCIENCE Meetings" project (including the creation of a series of films in which scientific problems and the impact of the development of science on the development of the modern world are discussed, also translated into English);
  • Preparation for the AGH website (PL and EN) of texts describing the research projects implemented at the AGH Universities (including those funded by IDUB), 
  • Production of a series of podcasts with, among others, our scientists (including scientists implementing projects within POBs);
  • Development and introduction of English-language descriptions regarding the University on external websites, including Wikipedia
  • Creation of a central database of AGH Alumni ("e-Book of AGH Alumni");
  • Development and implementation of a programme to maintain ties with alumni, in order to involve them (on the basis of alumni solidarity) in the further intensive development of the University;
  • Organization of the AGH Alumni Celebration (the first event in the history of our University to celebrate graduation);


Barbara Jezierska

Opiekun biura IDUB

Filip Stobiecki